Joint seminar with the GERAD-Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management-Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation

TITLE: Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time windows and Transfers

SPEAKER: Tom Van Woensel, Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, The Netherlands

DATE and VENUE: November 1, 2018, 10h30, room 5441, André-Aisenstadt Building, Université de Montréal Campus

ORGANIZER: Gilbert Laporte

ABSTRACT: We consider transportation problems arising in the context of City Logistics wherein carriers offer same-day transportation services comprising the pickup and delivery of a particular load at predetermined times. These problems are frequently faced by companies in a variety of applications such as urban courier services (e.g., delivery of small parcels) and dial-a-ride operations (e.g., taxi-services). Usually, such problems are framed and solved as a Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows (PDPTW). We address a recently proposed variant of the PDP, the Pickup and Delivery Problem with Time Windows and Transfers (PDPTW- T). In this variant, transshipment of requests at fixed locations is allowed, such that more than one vehicle can be used to service a particular request.

Joint work with Afonso Sampaio, Martin Savelsbergh and Luuk Veelenturf