Arthur Mahéo, BusPlus: Hub and shuttle public transit system for Canberra, October 12, 2016

Joint seminar with the CIRRELT-Canada Research Chair in Distribution Management-Canada Research Chair in Logistics and Transportation

TITLE: BusPlus: Hub and shuttle public transit system for Canberra

SPEAKER: Arthur Mahéo, The Australian National University, Australia

DATE and VENUE: October 12, 2016, 10h30, room 5441, André-Aisenstadt Building, Université de Montréal Campus

ORGANIZER: Jean-François Cordeau

ABSTRACT: Canberra is a planned city designed by American architect Walter Griffin in 1913. It features a large number of semi-autonomous towns separated by greenbelts. As a result, Canberra covers a wide geographic area, which makes public transportation particularly challenging. We propose to tackle the problem of off-peak transportation by using a Bus and Shuttle network where buses will run between major hubs throughout the city at regular intervals, while a fleet of on-demand shuttles will take care of the “last mile” problem. We first propose a model based on the Hub-Arc Location Problem (HALP). The HALP can be seen as a two-level decision problem deciding which arcs to open first and then how to route the flow at minimum cost. As such, its structure appears ideally suited for Benders decomposition. Benders decomposition is a well-known partitioning method to solve large mixed integer programs. We develop a Benders decomposition approach with the following improvements: cut disaggregation, Pareto optimal sub-problem, and core point update.

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