The scientific program of the Chair focuses on developing innovative methodologies and solving complex problems. The Chair’s research projects can be divided into three categories, depending on the planning level considered: strategic, tactical and operational. 

Strategic planning:

  1. static network design;
  2. dynamic network design for less-than-truckload operations;
  3. hazardous material routing;
  4. combined manufacturing and distribution problems;
  5. strategic plant location.

Tactical planning:

  1. classical vehicle routing;
  2. inventory routing;
  3. multi-depot and inter-depot routing;
  4. arc routing: street cleaning, snow removal, mail delivery;
  5. location routing;
  6. distribution management for e-commerce;
  7. districting for routing problems;
  8. container location in ports;
  9. dial-a-ride routing and scheduling.

Operational planning:

  1. real-time dispatching for rapid courier operations;
  2. real-time vehicle location and relocation;
  3. management of berthing operations in ports.